Microfiber Cloth 30 x 30 cm SMART & CLEAN BIO


An eco-friendly edition of the most useful and effective cleaning cloth. Our micro fibre Cloth is made up of 55% recycled materials that have been given a second life. Perfect for surfaces both at home and in the garden. Water-only cleaning, no detergents required for effective cleaning. Tackles stubborn dirt, such as grease, lime scale, or soap scum. Creates a healthier environment in your house by effectively removing dust without releasing dust particles into the air. Suitable for cleaning standard surfaces, bathroom fittings, car upholstery as well as electronic equipment such as monitors and TV screens. The Microfiber Cloth is a product that guarantees a healthy cleaning environment. It retains micro-organisms and unpleasant odours within the fibres until washing. It also leaves surfaces clean and smelling fragrant.